Best Diamond Stone for Woodworking: Sharpening & Flattening Stones

Diamond stones are an important tool in any woodworking shop. Diamond sharpening stones are used primarily to flatten chisels and planer blades. Diamond stones are well worth it due to their precise flat surface, long-lasting material, and unique electroplated diamond elements.

As opposed to whetstones, diamond stones can sharpen tools faster and can also retain their flat surface and grit coarseness for longer. Diamond stones are not only used to sharpen and flatten chisels but also to restore flatness to less-durable sharpening stones such as waterstones and oilstones.

What is the best diamond stone for woodworkers?

There are many kinds of diamond stones, with varying grit grades, sizes, and cost. We consider the Trend DWS Double Sided Professional sharpening stone the best one out there due to its cost-effectiveness and high versatility due to the dual grit size, laser engraved markings, and large surface area.

There are many other options in the market. Sometimes, choosing the right product is easier said than done. The information provided in this list should make it easier for you to decide which product best suits your needs, take a look below:

1. Best Dual-Grit Diamond Stone – Trend DWS/CP8 Classic Pro


  • It has a unique clearance channel on the coarse side, which fastens the sharpening process and produces a cleaner cut.
  • The item comes with a pouch, cleaning block, and non-slip mat.
  • The precision flatness substrate helps the diamond-shaped surface prevent snagging when sharpening pointed or small tools.


  • Pressure should not be applied when using this product.

The Trend DWS/CP8/FC Classic Pro is a Double-Sided Diamond Sharpening Stone from the brand called Trend. The product is made of stone and comes in silver color with a Coarse/Fine type Grit of 300 and 1000. Weighing 0.94 kgs approximately, you can purchase this stone by spending around 78 to 80 euros.

Product Details:

Item Weight‎2.09 pounds
Product Dimensions‎12.8 x 4.53 x 0.98 inches
Size‎8 Inch x 3 Inch
Style‎1000/300 Grit
Power Source‎Hand Powered

2. Best Honing Diamond Stone: S SATC Diamond Sharpening Stone


  • The product is convenient to use, easy to maintain, and durable.
  • The S SATC Diamond Plate Honing Stone has a longer lifespan as the steel plates are precisely electroplated and machined.
  • It comes at a very budget-friendly price.


  • The S SATC Diamond Plate Honing Stone tends to become slightly dull after initial use. 

The S SATC Diamond Sharpening Stone is a Diamond Plate Honing Stone with an 8-inch Hone Sharpener and a two-side grit. Made of Alloy Steel with the latest cutting-edge technology, the item comes in white and weighs around 0.84 Kg. The smoothest and fastest sharpening experience provided by the S SATC brand cannot come at a lower price ,

Product Details:

Product Dimensions9.05 x 2.75 x 0.3 inches
Item Weight1.87 pounds

3. Best Diamond Stone Set: UltraSharp Diamond Sharpening Stones


  • The item includes a stone holder which can hold stones from six to nine inches in length.
  • It sharpens all sorts of knives quickly, even ceramic knives.
  • A value-for-money product.


  • The diamond sharpening stones are not marked with grit grades, which creates confusion for users.

The Diamond Sharpening Stone Set is a product of the UltraSharp Diamond Sharpeners brand. You know it’s a good brand when the name has the words ‘Ultra’ and ‘Sharp’ in it. The product comes with three stones that weigh around 0.99 Kg each and is made of metal. The stones have medium, coarse, and extra-fine grits of 300, 600, and 1200 for all varieties of your sharpening needs. All of this comes for only around 117 to 181 Euros.

Product Details:

Product Dimensions8 x 3 x 0.3 inches
Item Weight2.5 pounds

4. Best Coarse Diamond Stone set: 4-piece Diamond Stone Set


  • The product is made of diamond material and is thus, durable and safe.
  • It has a high resistance to corrosion and abrasion, giving it a long lifespan.
  • The product is light and compact, allowing users to carry it conveniently.


  • The stones need to be elevated to use for knife sharpening, which can turn out to be a nuisance.

This item is a Diamond Plate Honing Stone by the Honosonbrand, made of diamond. With a combination of course and fine grinding, the stones can sharpen a wide variety of utensils. Each stone has a different amount of grit, which is written clearly on them. Users of this product are advised to use it with water or honing oil to receive the best results. Whether Dull, Blunt, or Tired edges, this product can handle it all.

Product Details:

Product Dimensions5.91 x 2.48 x 0.08 inches
Item Weight8.8 ounces

5. Best Fine Diamond Stone: UltraSharp Diamond Sharpening Stones


  • A value-for-money product.
  • Guaranteed precision flatness.
  • The product sharpens all tools within a short time.


  • The diamond sharpening stones are not marked with grit grades, which creates confusion for users.

Here’s another product by UltraSharp Diamond Sharpeners called the Ultra Sharp Diamond Sharpening Stone Set. Unlike the previous sets, however, this set comes with only two pieces. The stones are of high quality with fine and extra-fine grit of 600 and 1200. With a slightly heavier total weight of 2.04 Kg, the item is priced between 73-76 Euros. That’s a fair deal for the 100% guarantee of customer satisfaction that the company provides.

Product Details:

Item Weight‎4.5 pounds
Product Dimensions‎8 x 3 x 0.3 inches
Size‎8 x 3
Style‎Fine/Extra Fine
Material‎Stainless Steel, Ceramic

6. SHARPAL Diamond Stone with Storage Base


  • The product is a dry stone. You can sharpen your tools without water or oil.
  • The SHARPAL 156N provides a sharpening speed up to five times higher than its counterparts.
  • The dual grit enables it to sharpen all hard materials, including Carbide, High-Speed Steel, Boron Nitride, and Ceramic & Cubic Boron Nitride.


  • The product comes in two sizes. However, the smaller size is not as effective as, the bigger one.
  • The item wears out very fast.

The SHARPAL 156N is a ceramic diamond sharpening stone with a Non-Slip Base and an Angle Guide. This SHARPAL brand product comes in black and silver, at 36-38 Euros, and weighs around 0.9 Kg. With a 325 Coarse and 1200 Extra fine grit, the item is suitable for quick edge setting and honing both. The steel base is electroplated with industrial monocrystalline diamonds, making it highly durable and long-lasting. If that’s not enough, the company provides a warranty period of three years with the best service!

Product Details:

Product Dimensions6.5 x 3.27 x 1.26 inches
Item Weight1.98 pounds

7. Diamond Whetstone Models Sharpener in Hard Wood Box


  • The product’s weight is just 0.81 Kg, making it easy to carry and easy to handle.
  • The price is significantly reasonable at just 83-86 Euros.


  • The fine stone needs to be accompanied by additional features such as a strop and buffing compound if you want a perfect finish.

Along with the quality of a product, packaging also plays an essential role. People want to buy things that look attractive and are handy. The following product, the Diamond Whetstone Models Sharpener, is a perfect example. This Diamond Machining Technology or DMT product comes in a beautiful, rigid wooden box for storage. It’s safe to say that storage is sorted.

You don’t need to worry about its sharpening capacities with coarse, fine, and extra-fine grits. The material and technology used have produced a rigid surface, making it very reliable and long-lasting. Moreover, the product also guarantees a short sharpening time.

Product Details:

Product Dimensions9 x 11 x 11 inches
Item Weight1.8 pounds
Material Care InstructionsHand Wash

8. Adust Knife Diamond Sharpening Stone Kit


  • The sharpening stone is equipped with a universal base that prevents movement during sharpening by adding weight and grip.
  • The product has an advanced bracket tool that maintains the flat shape of the stone.


  • The product is only good at initial sharpening.
  • Additional elements are required to achieve a final polish.

This metal Knife Diamond Sharpening Stone Kit comes from the Adust brand in silver. It’s a unique product that concentrates on practicability. How? Well, it’s dual-sided with 400 grit and 1000 grit, which takes care of all your sharpening requirements. The monocrystalline diamonds ensure a faster sharpening time and easy maintenance. Compared to cheaper alternatives, this knife sharpening kit has a longer lifespan.

Product Details:

Package Dimensions11.93 x 3.07 x 1.42 inches
Item Weight3.23 pounds

9. Trend DWS/KIT/H Essential Diamond Sharpening Kit


  • The compactness and simple design of the product make it easy to use and convenient to carry.
  • The stone is dual-sided with 300 and 1000 grit.
  • The product comes with a 5-year warranty.


  • The item only features a coarse grit, which limits its capabilities.

Here’s another product by Trend called the DWS/KIT/H Essential Diamond Sharpening Kit. The kit is a complete package with a double-sided stone and a 100ml bottle of lapping fluid. You also get a mirror finish honing paste, a cleaning block, leather strop, a catalog, and breaking-in instructions. User-friendliness is the name of the game, as it even comes with a sharpening booklet.

The kit comes in a durable aluminum case with a spare room for another stone to top it all off. If you’re new at sharpening tools, this has to be the best option. The item weighs 2.17 Kg and is made from Aluminium, Carbon, and Leather. At 109-112 Euros, this sounds like an excellent deal.

Product Details:

Item Weight‎4.86 pounds
Product Dimensions‎14 x 14 x 2.5 inches
Material‎Carbide, Aluminum, Leather
Power Source‎Hand Powered

When to Use Coarse Diamond Stones

The sharpening of a tool is not as simple as it sounds. If you think it’s a one-step process, then I hate to give you the bad news. You have to look at the variables, such as the tool’s thickness, shape, or bluntness. Each sharpening stone is different for a reason. The simplest explanation is that each diamond sharpening stone has a different capacity.

coarse and fine diamond stones

A coarse stone is used to shape or shave off materials. With this stone, you can better shape the material or tool you’re working on. In the process of sharpening, a coarse stone can be considered the first step. When a higher amount of metal has to be removed, you use the coarse stone. When your tool has gotten the proper shape, move on to the next step.

When to Use Fine Diamond Stones

The tool you’re working on may not necessarily need shaping. If it’s already in shape, then the blade or the sharp edge could use some sharpening. But you can’t just jump to the fine stone. A medium stone is needed to sharpen the blunt and scratched edges of the shaped blade.

After you’ve sharpened the blunt blade, the last step is to give it the final touch to maximize its sharpness. That’s where the fine stone comes in. Use the fine stone to sharpen the edge of your tool and make it usable. However, there are finer and extra fine stones in case you want razor-sharp edges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to use lapping fluid with a diamond stone?

When it comes to using the diamond stone, you can either use it wet or dry. However, using the stone with lapping fluid is recommended, as it will ensure better results and longer-lasting durability. Moreover, the fluid also helps carry away bits of the metal left behind from the sharpened tool, or material from the flattened stone.

Considerations when looking for Diamond Stone for Woodworking

Grit Size

How do you decide which stone to buy? Well, it’s pretty simple. You need to buy stones according to the work you need to do on your tools. You have to be clear on what you want to do.

The grit size decides the capacity of a diamond sharpening stone. Stones can have a grit from anywhere between under 100 to over 10000. It all depends on the work you want to get done. If you’re looking for a coarse job, a coarse grit of up to 300 will suffice. The sharper the work, the higher the grit.

Judging by the kind of sharpening work people usually get done, it’s practical to keep a versatile collection. However, since you can’t use one particular grit grade for all purposes, you’re going to need more than one stone. For primary or household needs, a group of three diamond sharpening stones is recommended. A Medium-Fine, Fine and Extra-Fine stones of 600, 1000, and up to 2000 grit should be a good combination.


If you’re looking to buy diamond sharpening stones, pay attention to the dimensions. Dimensions are critical because they determine the size of the stone. The general logic is that the bigger the stone is, the better. A bigger stone gives a larger area for you to work on. In the world of diamond sharpening stones, six inches is considered small, and nine is deemed to be big.

Double-Sided vs. Single-Sided

Diamond sharpening stones are usually single-sided, but double-sided stones are also commonly used. A double-sided stone is practical, as it carries two grit grades in a single stone, as opposed to a single-sided one. However, nothing is free from risks and disadvantages. Although more practical to use, the double-sided stone is not very durable. The grits wear out faster, as the stone is not very strong and is used more often than its counterparts.


The thickness is a crucial element of a sharpening stone that you should pay attention to. Diamond sharpening stones vary in thickness, and thickness affects the price. A thinner stone is lighter and is thus, less expensive. On the other hand, a thicker stone may be costly but more durable and long-lasting. Each has its pros and cons, so it’s up to you to decide which one to buy.

1000 grit diamond stone on workbench

How to use a Diamond Sharpening Stone

Diamond stones have two main uses in woodworking: Sharpening chisels and plane irons, and flattening waterstones. Here are step-by-step instruction

How to Sharpen a Chisel and Plane Blades with a Diamond Stone

Sharpening a chisel and plane blades using a diamond stone can be a fun process. If you’re new at this, it’s better to use a honing guide. You can attach both tools to the honing guide. In the case of a chisel, keep the honing guide at a 25 or 30-degree angle.

Make a few initial passes with a honing guide

After placing it in the proper position, use the entire weight of your upper body to distribute passes of the tool all over the stone. It would help if you covered as much of the stone as possible to make it last longer.

Inspect the edge and ensure the angle is correct

Once you’ve completed five to six passes, wipe the blade with a cloth to clean it. Once it’s cleaned, inspect the edge. If you take a good look, you can actually see the point where your chisel is making contact with the stone. If this is not even, then change the position of the chisels in the guide.

Continue making passes

Don’t be nervous while doing this; if you make a mistake, it can be fixed later on! When starting out, it is crucial to inspect the bevel as much as possible. After some practice, we’re confident that you will get the ‘feel’ for the job.

After you have mastered the technique, sharpening will be a whole lot less tedious! After some passes on the whetstone, wipe the blade clean. Then, inspect your bevel and progress, and wipe the stone clean as well.

Repeat process with a higher grit if needed

After you have successfully mastered this process, we guarantee that you will be happy with your bevel. Now it’s time to take it up a notch, move up to a finer gritstone, 1200 grit and up, and repeat the process.

How to Flatten Waterstones with a Diamond Stone

When restoring flatness to a Waterstone make sure you utilize a coarse diamond stone, a grit between 400 and 800 is ideal.

The first step is to soak the water stone. It would help to mark the length of the Waterstone with a pencil to track your progress. If the diamond stone is larger, place it on a flat surface and rub the Waterstone against it. If the Waterstone is bigger, then do the reverse. Either way, make sure one of the stones is firmly put.

After firmly securing one of the stones, start the process by rubbing the diamond stone against the Waterstone continuously. Make several passes and inspect progress. Verify that you are not creating any unevenness and that stone material is being removed consistently from the entire surface.

The excess material from the Waterstone will progressively be removed, and the surface will eventually be flattened due to the strength and hardness of the diamond stone.

diamond stone in woodworking shop

Closing thoughts & recommendations

Sharpening tools is a valuable skill for people such as woodworkers or carpenters. But even if you aren’t one, it can be helpful in your household needs. Using diamond stones to sharpen tools is a hobby you might enjoy if you try it.

After carefully studying all the products mentioned in this article, we’ve figured out the best option for you. The DWS/CP8/FC Classic Pro Double-Sided Diamond Sharpening Stone, a Trend product, will fulfill all your tool sharpening needs. This diamond stone is double sides with coarse and fine grit. It comes at a reasonable price as well and will fit your woodworking needs more than well.