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WoodMakeover.com was created by woodworking professionals to share general knowledge, reviews of tools and machinery, and DIY step-by-step tutorials about woodworking, wood carving, and general home improvement. The best use of woodworking knowledge is to apply it; the second best use is to share it.

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Our end goal and the main purpose is to empower you to execute the home improvement and woodworking projects you have in mind, by providing you with relevant and accurate information about tools, processes, raw materials, and advanced tips.

About the author: Bruce Evans

bruce evans woodmakeover author

Bruce is the main writer of Wood Makeover and has been a longtime woodworking enthusiast and DIYer. He discovered his passion for wood-related crafts when he was a teenager, as he would make his own desks, and shelves for his room.

His passion re-ignited as he turned his garage into a full-fledged woodworking shop. With all this extra space, and some equipment he was able to turn a hobby into a part-time career, with furniture renovation and custom home improvement projects.

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