Best Impact Driver for Woodworking in 2022

Impact drivers are versatile tools that can make any step of your woodworking project easier to complete. Driving screws into wood, removing screws, assembling furniture, or even drilling holes are tasks that an impact driver can perform with ease.

Versatility is a key strength of impact drivers as they function better and more efficiently as compared to a cordless drill due to their impact power delivery mechanism.

Impact drivers are also compatible with a variety of driver bits. Users can use it effectively to drive a variety of tips for different purposes. Impact drivers are also excellent to use in tight spaces due to their compact design.

Here is a detailed view of the best impact drivers for woodworking:

Best Impact Driver for Woodworking

DEWALT 20V Max Impact Driver Kit


  • The time it takes to recharge is rather short. The impact drives have long battery life.
  • It has a compact design, and the tool itself is pretty light.
  • Powerful and dedicated performance.


  • The impact driver has some issues with its battery life.

First on the list of the best impact driver for woodworking is the DEWALT 20-Volt Impact Driver.

Oftentimes, the best and most user-friendly tools don’t always come with a hefty price tag. That holds especially true for the DEWALT 20-Volt Impact Driver, which isn’t complicated to use at all.

The battery and the driver itself are very efficient, and that’s basically everything a woodworker looks for in a tool.

Whether you use it outdoors or indoors, the DEWALT impact driver continues to offer max performance regardless. That’s because it comes with a handy and portable station for charging purposes.

In case you’re searching for an alternate power fastener, only a handful can stand up to the level of the DEWALT 20-Volt impact driver. It also makes for an efficient option if you’re thinking of using impact drivers for the first time.

The DEWALT 20-Volt impact driver can generate as much as 1400 inch-pounds of torque and power.

Additionally, it’s able to achieve such efficiency even in tight spots where your usual cordless driver/drill will fail to perform. That’s due to its sleek and small design and portable station to charge that allows DEWALT 20-Volt Impact Driver to maintain its efficiency.

The impact driver also boasts 3 LED lights on the driver’s head. That allows users to work without any hassle.

Product Details:

Item Weight‎2.8 pounds
Product Dimensions‎5.55 x 9 x 3 inches
Style‎Impact Driver Kit
Maximum Power‎300 Watts
Torque‎1400 Inch Pounds
Included Components‎(1) DCF885 Impact Driver, (1) 20V MAX* battery (1.5 Ah), (1) Fast charger.
Battery Cell Type‎Lithium-Ion

DEWALT (DCK283D2) 20-Volt Brushless Combo Kit

DEWALT 20V Max XR Cordless Drill Combo Kit


  • Powerful performance through the brushless motor of the drivers.
  • More visibility through the feature of three-mode LED.
  • Lightweight and compact design.


  • Switches are inadequate.

The 20-Volt cordless and brushless driver/drill combo kit packs a powerful punch through its compact design. That holds true, especially if you’re hoping to sink a few long screws and drill holes.

If you’ve used the 12-Volt DEWALT driver in the past, you’re going to absolutely love the 20-Volt variant. It offers all the specs and features that the former possesses but with better efficiency and a larger size.

The driver combo kit boasts many convenient features, one such feature being a belt hook. The tool is comfy to use and hold and is extremely powerful.

The 20V DEWALT impact driver has long battery life. That makes it even more efficient as a driver requiring less frequent recharges. In comparison to brushed drivers, these brushless drivers offer over fifty-seven percent more runtime.

The combo consists of the 20 Volt DCF887 and 20 Volt DCD791. The former fulfills the need for a tool to use in tight spots through its compact design. The quarter-inch driver head houses an LED with a three-mode feature.

That enables users to see in confined spaces by raising visibility through the Spotlight Mode. The tool also offers a trigger delay of twenty minutes.

This half-inch 20 Volt DCD791 impact driver has three LEDs on its head. It offers the same features as the former except for the Spotlight Mode.

Product Details:

Item Weight‎9.2 pounds
Product Dimensions‎15.06 x 9.25 x 5.38 inches
Style‎20V Brushless Combo Kit
Maximum Power‎300 Watts
Included Components‎(1) DCD791 20V MAX* XR Lithium Ion Compact Brushless 1/2″ Drill/Driver, (1) DCF887 20V MAX* XR Lithium Ion Brushless 1/4″ Impact Driver, (2) DCB203 20V MAX XR Lithium Ion Battery (2.0AH), Charger, (2) Belt Hooks, Contractor Bag.
Battery Cell Type‎Lithium-Ion

Ryobi P235A 18V One+ Impact Driver


  • Comfortable and ergonomic.
  • Supports both Ni-Cad and Li-Ion batteries.
  • The driver is capable of generating a torque of 1600 pounds.


  • Users need to purchase the batteries separately.
  • In terms of pocket screws, it can perform better.

There are two factors that make the Ryobi 18 Volt One+ Impact Driver (P235A) an unparalleled contender in this list of the best impact driver for woodworking.

Firstly, its ability to chuck great amounts of torque. In the case of any resistance, the driver chuck torque via its efficient motor.

And secondly, its capabilities to offer immense power similar to the hammer drill. Thus, in this way, the Ryobi driver completes the toolset of a homeowner or woodworker.

If you’re in search of a tool to drive long fasteners, the Ryobi 18 Volt One+ Impact Driver (P235A) comes second to none. That’s especially true for wood projects related to home improvements (interior as well as interior).

The versatile driver is capable of producing speeds of 3200 IPM and 2600 RPM. It offers top-tier performance and convenience through its built-in magnetic tray.

Similar to other top impact drivers, the tool offers a belt hook that further raises efficiency and ease of using it. One needs to simply pull the cuff through the quarter-inch chuck that offers a fast release.

Ryobi holds customer satisfaction in high regard. The service centers are available all throughout the nation. Also, the tool comes with a warranty of three years.

Nothing beats the P235A impact driver by Ryobi when it comes to pre-tapped spots and drywall work.

Product Details:

Item Weight‎2.65 pounds
Product Dimensions‎3.25 x 7.25 x 7.25 inches
Torque‎1800 Inch Pounds
Speed‎2800 RPM
Battery Cell Type‎Lithium-Ion

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Impact Driver


  • Lightweight and compact design; perfect for tight spaces.
  • Easy to use and high durability.
  • Ergonomic handle design for max comfort.


  • In comparison to other impact drivers offering similar features, the tool is surely more expensive.
  • Upon reaching higher speeds, the chuck wobbles.

In terms of value, design, and performance, the DCF887B impact driver by DEWALT is among the best options in the market.

The driver is capable of generating a torque of 1825 in-lbs. At the same time, it offers speeds of 3250 IPM and 3250 RPM in the absence of a load.

In the presence of a load, the driver produces around 429 RPM constantly. Thus, it’s not at all a problem for the tool to drive in quarter-inch screws.

In comparison to standard units, the driver offers more capacity and run time. DEWALT made that possible by using the batteries made of XR Li-Ion and a brushless motor.

Along with the precision mode, the versatile impact driver also offers the three-speed mode. The DEWALT driver makes use of mechanical switches in order to course through the three-speed modes.

That’s definitely a plus point for those who find blister buttons in tools inconvenient. The reason is that mechanical switches are more durable and reliable.

Here’s a tip for you: For better and more precise control over the driver, stay on the first speed mode.

It also grants better visibility through the three LEDs situated on the head of the driver. Upon the release of the trigger, there’s a delay of twenty seconds.

Product Details:

Item Weight‎2.7 pounds
Product Dimensions‎8 x 3 x 5.88 inches
Style‎Impact Driver
Maximum Power‎300 Watts
Torque‎2000 Inch Pounds
Included Components‎Battery and charger sold separately
Battery Cell Type‎Lithium-Ion

Milwaukee M12 Fuel 1/4″ Hex Impact Driver Kit


  • The chuck of the M12 driver is one-handed. It assists users in swapping the bits with ease.
  • Light and compact design.


  • Tool balance often feels weird and off. It takes a while before you get used to the tool.

In simple terms, the M12 impact driver kit is versatile. It grants users the ability to use a 12V driver to drive lag bolts (⅜ x 3-inch) rather than using a 20V or 18V driver to do so. It achieves that even in the absence of the pilot hole.

Made for usage in tight and small spaces, the M12 is 2 inches shorter in comparison to most drivers. To increase work efficiency in dark spaces, the driver has one LED on its compact head.

The driver also has a mode selector on the top that is easy to use and, thus, user-friendly. The mode selector has an automatic fastener mode along with three options for speed. Also, prior to carefully seating the screws, in order to avoid walking, the automatic mode starts slow.

It’s made and designed to have the durability required for everyday usage.

The battery comes with free servicing for up to two years. Other than that, the warranty on the Milwaukee M12 driver kit extends to five years from the date of purchase.

Product Details:

Item Weight‎2 pounds
Product Dimensions‎5 x 15 x 12 inches
Item Package Quantity‎1
Speed‎3300 RPM
Included Components‎Construction – Power Drills, Corded Drills, Power Drill Drivers
Battery Cell Type‎Lithium-Ion
woodworker using impact driver on wood

How Many Volts do You Need for a Woodworking Impact Driver?

In general, for woodworking, you require an impact driver of a minimum of 12V. Any less than that, and the impact driver may struggle with high loads or driving screws into dense, hardwood like Hickory.

20V drivers are ideal as the power increase over 12V drivers is significant. That said, 12V should be enough for most woodworking applications.

What is the difference between RPM and IPM?

RPM is short for “Revolution Per Minute.” It’s the speed at which a machine completes one revolution in a single minute.

In contrast, by IPM, we mean the rate of the feed measured in “Inches Per Minute.” It refers to the speed at which a tool used for cutting, say an impact driver, cuts through an inch of wood in one minute.

What is the Difference between an Impact Driver and a Drill?

Impact Drivers and Drills may look similar and perform tasks that are very much alike, but there are many differences in terms of their ergonomics, power delivery, and usage.

An impact driver usually has a higher torque rating, which leads to a very high rotational force and makes them capable of driving even big screws into any wood with ease. Quick bursts (or “impacts”) allow for more effective and effortless use of the rotational force. Impact drivers are also smaller in size.

A power drill is primarily used for boring, drilling, or in other words making holes instead of driving screws. Although most homeowners probably already have a power drill in their toolbox, trying to use one to perform the function of an impact driver can make some simple tasks difficult.

How to Choose the Best Woodworking Impact Driver?

Power Source

In a workshop, although not necessary, drivers powered through a battery offer an alternate, practical option without any need to use wires. At the same time, nothing can beat the efficiency of a driver powered directly from the main power supply.

Also, not all brands provide batteries along with the cordless impact driver. Some require users to buy the batteries separately.

Brushless vs. Brushed Motors

The main difference is that brushless impact drivers will last much longer than a brushed impact driver.

brushed motor and brushless motor diagram

How? That’s because in the case of brushed motors since there is mechanical friction between components, this friction leads to increased wear and tear, and reduced durability.

Therefore, brushless drivers have the capacity of lasting up to 50 percent longer as compared to brushed motors. That makes brushless drivers powered by batteries a better long-term choice.

Also, brushless motors offer higher output power to size ratio and boast a high efficiency. They generate lesser noise and possess higher ranges of speed.

Variable Speed Settings

Employing impact drivers isn’t about how fast you can drive through wood but rather how efficiently you do that. In that regard, having settings to control speed is vital.

The impact force of the driver or excess torque can be extremely damaging to the material or screws. Thus, the availability of an option to set the needed speed is very important.

Torque Rating

The torque rating of each drive is key and a very important measure of the actual power of the drive. If you’re working with thin, light wood, a torque rating of 1000 inch-pounds should be enough. If working with thicker and denser pieces of wood, or large woodworking projects, a drive with 2000 inch-pounds of torque is recommended.

woodworking impact driver

In this article, we discussed varied levels of torque related to five of the best impact drivers in the market. But considering woodworking in general, one doesn’t require a high amount of torque, to begin with.


Based on the value, performance, and features, the prices of the impact drivers vary. If you’re looking for a versatile driver that’s capable of offering raw power, nothing beats the DEWALT 20-Volt Brushless Combo Kit.

On the other hand, if you’re tight on your budget, the Ryobi 18 Volt One+ Impact Driver (P235A) offers excellent value for the money.

Conclusion & our recommendation

Overall, an impact driver can make your woodworking projects much more pleasant as less

On the basis of our research and product and price comparisons, we conclude that DEWALT (DCF885C1) 20-Volt Impact Driver is the best driver for woodworking.